My name is Dorit Kreiser, married to Doron, a mother of three children: Shir, Itai and Rona.

By training, I have been a nurse midwife since 1994, I have a graduate degree in nursing in the education track, I am a personal coach for change and new habits, a lecturer at Tel Aviv University on issues relating to women and family, and currently working on my doctorate in the field of infant and children’s sleep.

During my years of work in the maternal wing of Sheba Maternity Hospital I was a head nurse in the babies and maternity ward of the maternity hotel, and after observing thousands of babies, I discovered what they can do by themselves when falling asleep, and where they need teaching and help. In order to understand what happens and what is the best way to help them learn the skill of falling asleep independently, I studied psychotherapy and parent guidance.

The method that I developed teaches babies and children one of the most important life skills: how to fall asleep by themselves, and sleep through the night. This is a skill for life:  it's like learning to walk or learning to ride a bicycle.

The method that I have developed is called ‘It's night, time to sleep!’ – the idea is that at night we don't eat, we don't drink, we don't tell stories, and we don't play. At night… the whole family sleeps! Thank you for joining me.

I, Dorit, assure you the coaches  who work with me are very professional, following careful procedures, and giving